Hope Bible School cares about your spiritual welfare. We offer the following services for you. With different aspects of Bible studies to Prayer services and providing you with Biblical answers to most compelling questions.


Bible Study

We offer FREE Bible study. Simply call us on 813 (Fiji Only) or email us at discovery@hopestudios.org.  For basic bible study together we will cover 26 topics from the Bible. We also offer Advance Bible Study.


Receive Prayer Requests

Do you want us to pray for you? Our helpline is also available! Call us on 813 (Fiji Only) or email us at discovery@hopestudios.org. You can also send us a message on Facebook. We have received feedback on answered prayers. 


Bible Answers

The Bible is full of answers. Do you have questions, and do you need Bible answers? Talk to us today on 813 (Fiji Only) or email us at discovery@hopestudios.org